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Rainer Schnurre: The Human Rights

Rainer Schnurre: The Human Rights

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violate against Human Rights

This draft is a genuine invitation to an actual conversation. It harbours the intention to stimulate a world-wide mutual understanding of human rights among all people, well aware of the obvious problem posed by (all too) human apathy. - The person of today is not positively disposed to thinking thoroughly, and even less disposed to conscientiously thinking 'certain topics' through, - we need our conclusions to be quickly reached, offered in brief and for these lead as swiftly as possibly to action. Thus is it easily overlooked that genuine thought-activity indeed already is in itself an action. - A further problem appears by way of the fact that the United Nations Human Rights are much talked about, without the exponents being sufficiently informed about their actual content. The apparent ease with which Human Rights are often spoken about create an obvious obstacle, which broadly speaking obstruct an open conversation on the topic.

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